American Flag Webquest

Process 1

  1. You will work with your partner/s to locate information to help you complete your American Flag Worksheet.
  2. You will each complete a worksheet to turn in.
  3. There are four sections of the worksheet that need to be completed.
  4. To complete the worksheet locate the information from the following links for each section.
  5. Click on the link next to the topic and read the articles/website and write down information on your section of the worksheet.
  6. Once you have done your research and filled out your section of the worksheet, you will come together as a group and share your information with each other. Write down any new information other group members have found out so that you all have a fully completed worksheet. 
  • History of the Pledge of Allegiance - click on this link for the pledge's history Pledge, and watch this short video: 
  • History of the Flag - watch this short video:
  • Stars and Stripes of the Flag - click on this link to discover the history behind the flag's stars and stripes
  • Flag Etiquette - click on this link to discover the proper etiquette for handling the American Flag,

Process 2

Now on to the fun part. As a group, you know a lot more about the importance of the Pledge of Allegiance, the history of the flag, what the stars and stripes of the flag mean, and some etiquette of the American Flag.

Taking this information, and realizing how many important ideas and people go into the history of the American Flag, your group is going to create a flag to represent all of you.

Take into consideration where you all come from, what colors best represent you together, if there is a symbol that represents your friendship, etc.

Here is a website that lists the countries around the world. When you click on a country, a picture of their flag will come up. You will be able to see how they differ and how they are alike:
  • First, talk with your group members about what you want your group "country name" to be called. Then talk about the design, colors, etc. of your new country's flag.
  • Next, decide what the meaning is behind those characteristics and come up with a story that shows why each of you are important in the history behind your group flag (just as Betsy Ross is an important person in the history of the American Flag.)
  • Once all is decided, make your flag! Be creative, but do it nicely - don't rush!
  • Last, create a list of flag etiquette for your group flag. This is important so your flag is treated with respect!
  • After all of the groups are finished, each group will share their country flag with the class and discuss the characteristics, meaning, and etiquette of their flag.